Respect Connect: From Social Login to Personal Cloud Login

Last Presented September 20 2013

Social login sign-on services available from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google have become the most widely adopted form of federated identity on the Web. However, they have introduced a middleman into online relationships that not all individuals and relying parties are comfortable with. The emergence of personal clouds is setting the stage for a new type of federated login that will work directly from personal clouds, positioning the individual as a peer on the network with enhanced privacy, greater control and no middleman intruding into customer relationships with relying parties. This webinar will:

  • Provide an industry update on federated identity
  • Explain social login, its advantages and its drawbacks
  • Introduce personal cloud login and describe how it works
  • Give guidance to business on when to use personal cloud login, social login or other protocols

Presented by:

  • Dan Blum, Respect Network Principal Consultant and Chief Security Architect
  • Drummond Reed, Respect Network CTO
  • Gary Rowe, Respect Network CEO

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