Drummond Reed

I co-founded in Respect Network in 2011 and serve as its CEO and Chief Architect. The inspiration came from my two areas of focus over the previous decade: development of the XDI semantic data interchange protocol at OASIS, one of the leading Internet standards bodies (I co-chair the XDI Technical Committee), and the emergence of trust frameworks as a powerful new tool for building trust online (I was the founding Executive Director at the Open Identity Exchange, the first international non-profit for trust frameworks).

I realized that by combining an XDI private cloud network with a global trust framework for data protection, we could bring a new level of security, privacy, and trust to the Internet. We could build a network where every personal and business member agreed to the five basic principles at the core of the Respect Trust Framework: a promise of permissionprotectionportability, and proof. I was certain that if a proprietary centralized social network—to whom you give full rights to your personal data and relationships—could grow to 1.5B+ members, then so could an open standard network that gives those full rights to you.

I have never been as excited in my professional life as I am now to deliver the first Respect Network apps and services. Together with Respect Network customers and partners, I believe we can build a better Internet where we are free from the constant attacks, prying eyes, and malicious actors we see today. An Internet where the words “security”, “privacy” and “trust” once again have real meaning. An Internet where we all have the power and the confidence to build the schools, businesses, institutions, and lives we all want to live.

Steve Havas

I am the Chief Operating Officer of the Respect Network. With all the incredible goodness of today’s Internet, we still suffer from its security flaws. As consumers, we also suffer from a business ecosystem whose primary way of making money is by looking over your shoulder at every turn, and from governments who can spy upon everything we do with limited oversight. Each of us needs a soverign digital self, where we can control who sees our life and how our personal data is shared and used. At the same time, I see the massive business opportunity that can be unleashed if we can unshackle the value in being able to securely and easily share data.

The last decade of my life has been spent helping social enterprises, both nonprofits and for-profits, succeed. Beyond that, I’ve spent my career building the infrastructure for global brands such as Starbucks, developing entirely new industries such as self-service banking, and driving planning and execution for everything from major business units of global brands to small non-profits trying to increase the impact of their programs. I passionately believe that we can do extremely well economically while doing good in the world.  

Christopher Allen

I am the lead Cryptographic Security Advisor to the Respect Network. I have been a pioneer and leader in internet privacy, security, and cryptographic trust since the late 80s. I am best known for offering the first commercial SSL and TLS toolkits, for being the co-author of the IETF TLS 1.0 specification and leading the effort to make TLS the international standard it is today. Today TLS is the broadest deployed cryptographic protocol—securing over $1.5 Trillion in B2C e-commerce in 2015 alone, offering privacy to over 50% of all email to and from Google, as well as the securing the transport of personal, corporate and medical records worldwide.
However, offering only secure transport of critical information is not sufficient for the next century. What appeals to me about XDI is that with link contracts you are establishing concrete commitments about use of private data, that are well-defined, non-abstract and non-reputable, and enforceable between individuals, corporations and governments. The opportunity to combine link contracts with blockchain-based cryptographic smart signatures not only adds additional security and privacy, but also offers the opportunity to improve business processes, cross international borders, speed up supply chains, share medical information to save lives, as well as create many new kinds of business that can’t be imagined today.

Les Chasen

I am the VP of Engineering for the Respect Network.  I joined Respect Network out of a deeply held belief that the rights and rules in cyberspace ought not differ from the rights and rules that civil societies have adopted in the natural world.  In the natural world, we have certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away from us such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   In our digital world we need new tools that enable control over our digital-selves – control the data that represents us as true individuals participating in a digital society.

Professionally, I am someone who likes to play in the margins where product, business and engineering come together.  I thoroughly enjoy taking ideas through the full lifecycle from concept to production.  My career started in a family-owned business where at a young age I learned about running a business and the importance of teamwork .  This ultimately led me to major in Information Technology in college and to positions with United Technologies, AT&T, as well as smaller software companies like Template Software and Level 8 Technologies.  I joined Respect Network after 14 years at  Neustar where I led the engineering teams responsible for all aspects of the multimillion dollar Registry, Identity, and Discovery services. 

Gary Zimmerman

I’m the Chief Marketing Officer for the Respect Network. I came to the Respect Network from Growth Hacker LLC, a company I founded to focus on helping entrepreneurs define and implement their growth strategies. Prior to establishing my own company, I was Head of Marketing for the $600 million Communications Segment at Neustar. Here my team defined information and analytics offers for Communications Service Providers. I have decades of experience in Internet and information technology services in companies like Neustar, AT&T, BT Global, Marubeni and Avotus. I like turning companies into market leaders, and over the years I’ve launched three companies, over twenty products, and generated hundreds of millions in sales.

It’s time we take the next step in Internet evolution. We can harness the massive computing power and connectivity of the Internet, but only if we believe that every connection we make is safe, private, and trusted. With that belief, we can use the entire Internet as an extension of our digital self, a tireless servant that provides value and convenience not yet imagined. At the Respect Network, we’re bringing safety, privacy, and trust to the Internet.

As Mahatma Gandhi once said ” You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” I’m here to change the way your Internet works.

Monique Heileson

I joined the team at Respect Network out of concern for the future of society on the internet where so often people behave in a way that they wouldn’t ‘in person’. I want to help build a network for my two young children that is based on trust and respect. Right now, they’re just playing Toca Boca on my iPad – but it won’t be long before they’re texting and surfing. I want a network where their identity won’t be stolen or misused. A place where they will learn how to respond to bad behavior, and their online activity to be safe and secure. I believe everyone deserves that kind of network.

My primary experience is with healthcare information technology. There is no doubt that use of the internet speeds healthcare decisions and improves patient care, but if the patient doesn’t feel like their information is safe, trust is lost. Not only is the technology behind security important but the human interface of a trustworthy experience should be simple and clear. As Creative Director, my focus is to design a place looks and feels as safe as it is.

Previously, I was Creative Director for Medicity, Inc. I helped start up, create and  build their brand for 12 years before they became a subsidiary of Aetna. I remained with Medicity for another 2 years updating their corporate appearance, and contributing creative to Aetna’s wide-ranging business objectives.