On the Respect Network, all connections between members are private, peer to peer connections. In this environment, there are no unsolicited “spam” communications because members have to opt in to private connections before information can be exchanged. Respect Connect enables people and businesses to form private connections and share data. These connections established between members are represented in their personal clouds as XDI link contracts to specify relationship policy within the context of the Respect Trust Framework.  The Respect Network provides the Respect Connect Service to manage relationships and policy properly.

People or organizations can use a “button builder” utility to set up a Respect Connect button on their business website or personal cloud page. When a visitor clicks that button, the Respect Connect service redirects the browser to the personal cloud’s service endpoint. The peer clouds then directly perform an authentication and authorization process through which they establish an XDI link contract. As part of this process, the requesting individual (who sees a screen similar to the one below) approves a private connection with the opposite member.

The Respect Connect Service works in close concert with each individual’s Connection Manager User Interface (UI). The UI enables users to manage preferences for establishing connections, and to remove connections that are no longer desired. This utility enables users to set preferences that will determine their experience of that connection on subsequent visits.

Other aspects of the Respect Connect Service and the UI are planned, including an ability for applications or web sites interacting with personal clouds to do the following.

  • Establish an active session to optimize communications performance when many messages are exchanged over a short time.
  • Request that the user be challenged to re-authenticate to the personal cloud.
  • Request higher levels of assurance (LOAs) in the authentication mechanism for the personal cloud.
  • Request additional identity or authorization claims from the individual.
  • Enable the individual to logout from a single session.
  • Enable the individual to logout from the personal cloud and all active sessions.

Note that any behaviors requesting additional information from the individual are constrained by the Respect Trust Framework, which any member’s peer cloud interacting with Respect Connect must have signed.