Respect News

Respect News delivers news worth talking about.

Respect News provides a personalized view of news from all over the Web with the unique ability to have public or private conversations on the topics that interest you.

Respect News takes over where Twitter leaves off

Twitter is a great place to find trending stories from influential people. It’s not a great place to have a conversation. Respect News allows you to find stories in Twitter and discuss them in a real-time in an app designed for smart communications. Respect News…  


  • Gathers the best of the Web and posts relevant news articles from top influential sources based on your preferences.
  • Influential sources, known as Influencers, are available to discuss all sides of a topic so your knowledge on the subject can be broadened in ways re-tweets and favorites can never do alone.
  • An Influencer’s’ reputation is defined by the mojo (reputation) they have with their followers and other influencers across the Web. Their mojo grows as they interact with you and other Respect Network members.

Respect News moves us from passive consumers to active participants

  • Anchored by news articles, Respect News allows you to start or participate in public or private conversations around any topic. You’re in control; you can converse privately with friends and family, or publicly with others interested in the topic.
  • Influencers don’t just broadcast; they can participate in conversations as well. They can even make conversations public so you can interact with them dynamically.
  • The conversations are always respectful. Differing opinions are natural but abusive or threatening language is not tolerated. You can always report members that aren’t playing by the rules and the Respect Network will hold them accountable.

You don’t want thousands of news channels; you need the few you really care about.


  • Your news feeds are fitted to your needs, like a fine custom-tailored suit.  Instead of broad topics like “science”, Respect News offers refined channels based on your interests, for instance, “black holes”. In your “black holes” channel, you can see others talking about articles, meet the most influential people in the area, and voice your own opinions.
  • But you’re not locked in. If you decide a channel is not for you, you just delete it and the news no longer appears in your feed. You can add and delete channels based on your changing interests.

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