Respect Messenger

Respect Messenger is the first cross-platform collaboration app that is simple, safe, and private enough to use in every communications context.

For consumers, send messages, exchange photos, share medical and financial information, anything you want without worrying about hacking or disclosure.

For businesses, establish secure collaboration networks with customers, employees, or suppliers to enhance engagement and retention across the entire value chain.

Respect Messenger is truly the last collaboration app you’ll ever need. With Respect Messenger, you will…

Keep Your Personal and Business Conversations Private

  • Advanced encryption technologies automatically protect your online privacy and security without you having to think twice about it.
  • All your communications are between private devices and Respect Network private clouds. No one sees the messages but you and the person or business you’re sending them to.
  • Everything you create always belongs to you, and is completely portable for life—guaranteed.
  • Communicate with those you know and trust. Nobody can send you a message without your permission.

Reduce the Noise in Your Life

  • With Respect Messenger you can do it all. Send text, photos, files, voice messages—whatever you need to share, all from one app. Who decided you need different apps for messaging, email, photo, and social sharing anyway?
  • Your SmartQueue is your personal assistant, automatically organizing your top messages in any context and highlighting messages that require your immediate attention.
  • You can pin important conversations to your queue so they never get lost.
  • And of course, because Respect Messenger is not an advertising-based service, you never get unwanted ads or spam.

Enjoy a Communications Experience as Dynamic as You Are


  • All your messages are stored in your Respect Network private cloud, available to you everywhere on every device.
  • Start a conversation on one device and finish on another; better yet, start a conversation in one app and finish it in another. (Wow)
  • Communicate with people, groups, and businesses, even things as they are all included in your contact list, and available to you anytime you need them in any app, forever.
  • Instantly create your own groups and topic channels, broadcast across multiple groups and channels with ease. And when they’re no longer needed, you can remove them as easily as you created them.

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