Cybersecurity simplified.

CynjaSpace™ is the first app of its kind to provide a safe and complete digital experience for kids, where parents not only monitor and protect their children’s online behavior, but families have the opportunity to learn together about making smart choices online. Created by the information security professionals who brought you The Cynja comic series. This is the security app they designed for their own kids. It offers parental activity controls, cutting edge protections and expert guidance on digital parenting.

Protect your children online

In the real world, we do our best to ease kids into adulthood. But in the digital world, they are often times thrown full-force into the wild digital world of the Internet. As parents, teachers, and organizational leaders, we struggle to be successful digital guardians. That changes with CynjaSpace™.  With this app, you get a secure environment where kids can practice safe online behavior and learn to be responsible digital citizens.

CynjaSpace was designed with:

  • Custom built cybersecurity protections such as spam blockers, malware detection, malicious site tracking & educational cartoon warnings, antivirus.
  • Controlled information sharing with only parent approved trusted connections, cyber privacy protection, ad blockers, purchase blockers, and complete protection against data collection & mining, secure storage.
  • Customizable parental controls & activity reports providing age & subject appropriate content blocking, predator & cyberbully reporting, and Internet usage reports.

Help your kids prepare for their digital world

While competitors try to fence-in the child, CynjaSpace™ encourages kids to experience and engage in all aspects of digital life like email, chat, social sharing, and offers online privacy and security with images designed to excite kids.

Cynjaspace gives users:

  • Cool comic book characters from The Cynja book series serving as the role models for kids.
  • Cyber safety lessons from The Cynja for both parents & kids; demonstrating digital ethical behavior, detecting malicious activities, showing proper social interaction & responsibility, and helping to build a personal reputation online.
  • Cyber education turns into a game by rewarding positive behavior with points and rewards.

CynjaSpace is brought to you by CynjaTech—helping kids learn how to safely navigate their digital world using the Respect Network system of trust and personal data controls.

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