Bringing trust and respect to the Internet

Imagine a digital world 
where there are no hackers, no privacy concerns, and you connect with people and businesses you know and trust.


A safer world where your conversations are private and your data is secure.

A transparent world where you choose who can see your data and how they use it.

A world where trust and honesty are rewarded, not exploited.

A seamless world where your identity and data follow you from app-to-app and device-to-device because they belong to you. Forever.

Welcome to the 
Respect Network 
We’re changing your digital world
by restoring security, privacy, and
trust to the Internet.

Register for the Respect Network

Register for the Respect Network

There’s some scary stuff going on when you surf the Web.
You’re not as safe as you think…

Hackers Make a Living Off Your Data

Why hack into centralized databases? Because that’s where the data is, $16 billion worth was stolen last year.

World Famous Hacks:

Heartbleed: A flaw that allows hackers to impersonate a website you’ve shared your information with. They see your username, password & evesdrop on your communications.

Shellshock: Millions of enterprise databases are cracked and countless consumer records are at risk by hackers exploiting security defects.

Stagefright: Attackers use malware video clips to infect your android phone, even if you didn’t open the file.

Since 2013, security breaches are up 46% and a shocking 3,197,818,977 records have been stolen.
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In the Respect Network, there are no central data stores. Your data is encrypted in individual personal clouds that only you have keys to unlock.

Our security architecture makes the Respect Network much less appealing to those who want to steal data. It’s simply not worth it to criminals to try to break into individual personal clouds.

Free Services Aren’t Free

FB-circleFacebook knows you better than your spouse does. 

When compared to answers by people who know you;

  • With 10 likes Facebook knows you better than a colleague
  • With 150 likes Facebook knows you better than a family member
  • With 300 likes Facebook knows you better than your spouse

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Google-circleGoogle knows you better than you know yourself.

  • 1 in 7 people living on the planet visited a Google online property last month
  • 9 in10 websites you visit are tracked by Google
  • Google has bought over 125 companies to observe and manage everything from the devices you use to the content you see 

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Even free information isn’t free. Every commercial website uses advertising to fund its operation. Behind the ads you see, there is an invisible economic engine powering our web pages with their cookies and pixel trackers, tracking codes and databases.

The bottom line is 
if the product is free,
you’re probably the product.

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The Respect Network is not one of the intrusive, surveillance-based advertising networks that dominate the Web today. All of the data generated within the network is bound by the Respect Trust Framework and is controlled by you, the member. No one can use those assets without your express permission so the ability to buy, sell, or trade your data is limited by design. Bottom line, you are never the product in the Respect Network.

Somebody’s Watching You


The $200 billion data broker industry collects personal data from countless sources. They piece your data together into a shockingly complete and accurate picture of your digital self and sell it on the open market.

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This can’t happen in 
the Respect Network 
All of the data generated within the network is bound by the Respect Trust Framework and is owned by the member. No one can use those assets without express permission.

Take Control of Your Private Information

Take Control of Your Private Information

In the Respect Network, clouds become an extension of you.

Looking for
something fun to do

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Making your home
smart the easy way

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Turning college life
into a lifetime
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Taking a small step towards
patient-centered care
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Respect Messenger

The first cross-platform collaboration app that is simple, safe, and private enough to use in every communications context.


Respect News

Provides a personalized view of news from all over the Web with the unique ability to have public or private conversations on the topics that interest you.



A safe and complete digital experience for kids, where parents have activity control, and families can learn together about making smart choices online.


The Respect Trust Framework privacy policy defines protections for all members.

Our privacy rules are simple; if you wouldn’t do it in the real world, you can’t do it in the Respect Network:

  • You own and control all of the data you collect and share in the Respect Network. Think of it as your digital self.
  • The Respect Network Corporation will not abuse your digital self for its own gain.
  • Your digital self cannot be held hostage by the Respect Network Corporation or any of its members. It’s yours to take with you.
  • Treat others’ digital selves as you would like them to treat yours.
  • You cannot share someone else’s data without permission.
  • You must protect any information shared with you as if it were your own.
  • You cannot unjustly dishonor another’s reputation and promise to report those who do.


There are consequences if you violate these rules!


You’ll ruin your reputation and be recognized as less trustworthy on the Respect Network.

If you’re really outside the rules, you could be kicked out of the network.

While everyone is protected by the Respect Trust Framework, our services are not directed to persons under 13. If it comes to your attention that your child has provided us with personal information without your consent, please contact us at

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